BOSS OB/GYN Starter Package


The BOSS OB/GYN Package is an exeptional way to set up a basic to advanced suturing skills lab for Obstetrics, Gynegology and Midwifery training.  The Package includes a BOSS platform (BOSS-20), the Perineal Repair Trainer (PRT-20), the Student Tissue Pack (BTP-10), Suturing Instrument Kit (SIK-10) and a FREE Video-Guided Surgical Skills Training DVD and Self-Assessment Metrics developed by the University of Washington.  This represents a 10% savings over list price.

Basic Open Surgical Skills (BOSS) is a flexible platform for developing basic to advanced surgical skills. Click here for more information.

The Perineal Repair Trainer is the only soft tissue model for anatomical and procedural training of first to fourth degree perineal tears. Click here for more information.



BOSS Skill Development

  • Basic to advanced suturing
  • Suturing on a skin surface
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Knot tying under tension
  • Knot tying at depth
  • Administering injections
  • Instrument handling
  • Wound closure techniques
  • Bowel anastomosis


  • Durable multi-use platform can be used with any combination of materials
  • Ergonomic design ensures correct hand positioning
  • Small, portable platform perfect for simulation lab or home use
  • Provides a variety of tissue materials on which to practice basic surgical tasks

Perineal Repair Skill Development

  • Incision training for midline, mediolateral and lateral incisions
  • Retract the tissue with non-dominant hand
  • Insertion of Guardian Vaginal Retractor
  • Suture and retract tissue
  • 1st to 4th degree repair

External and Internal Anatomy

  • Vaginal and anal canals, vaginal mucosa, rectovaginal fascia, transverse perineal muscle, external anal sphincter – enabling end to end repair and ischial spine for performing pudendal nerve block


  • Replaceable tissue allows for multiple incision site and suturing
  • Most realistic tissue properties for training 4th degree repair with a retractable sphincter and rectal mucosa
  • Adjustable tension
  • Base sits securely to table


  • BOSS Suturing Trainer (BOSS-20), Perineal Repair Trainer (PRT-20), Student Tissue Pack (BTP-10) includes Subcuticular Tissue Pad, Complex Tissue Pad, Injectable Tissue Pad, Suture Tissue Pad, and Large Intestine plus a Suturing Instrument Kit (SIK-10), Tutorial Video-Guided Surgical Skills DVD and Self-Assessment Metrics

BOSS Platform Dimensions 

  • Size: 17″ h; 13″ w; 4″ d; Weight: 6 lbs

Perineal Repair Trainer Dimensions

  • Size: 10″ h; 10″ w; 8″ d; Weight: 6 lbs