EMD Services Offer a Range of Products to the Medical Education Community and Hospital Medical Services

EMD Services are appointed as the sole distributor in the United Kingdom offering a range of training simulators / manikins. Anatomical human body-forms (Adult – Child – Baby) designed to enable the practice of several advanced surgical procedures, including Cricothyroidotomy, Percutaneous Tracheostomy, Needle Decompression, Chest Tube Insertion, Pericardiocentesis, Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage, FAST Ultrasound, and IV Cutdown.  There is a fourth simulator for Central Vascular Catheterization, allowing medical professionals to train using real-time ultrasound guidance during catheter placement, and a fifth for Central Venous Access using the femoral vein route, once again with real-time ultrasound guidance. All having available tissue replacement packs with two colours to simulate blood, in red & blue (when you cut it bleeds).

In addition to this we have the next generation of reality-based Laparoscopic trainers, using laparoscopic instruments integrated with five sensors that measure the time, path, and force of each exercise. Results are based on actual haptics (touch sensation), providing quantifiable results to the user.

In our range of ultrasound training modules we have the SonoMan providing a ultrasound training platform for teaching how to read diagnostic ultrasound imaging for; FAST – AAA – ECHO – RENAL – GALLBLADDER – eFAST. Just being released is our SonoMom as with the SonoMan you have a soft tissue body form with internal and external landmarks, giving images for; 1st Trimester – 2nd Trimester – 3rd Trimester.

There are several other training aids, and anatomically correct human organs available to give a realistic training experience, all of which I hope you find of interest.

Manufactured in China by Contec Medical Systems

A range of Oximeters, Pocket Fetal Dopplers