ARC-10: Arthrocentesis Model

The Arthrocentesis Model is an Anatomically correct task trainer that is perfect for performing arthrocentesis. The ultrasound compatible model represents an extended left leg and includes the patella, patella ligament, tibia, fibula, femur, synovial sac, and synovial fluid. Simulated synovial fluid can be removed from a joint cavity using either the medial or lateral approach and insertion sites include suprapatellar and parapatellar.

BMP-10: Breast Probe

The Breast Probe is designed to provide a realistic response during gamma radiation detection.

HRT-10: Heart Model

Realistic heart model with accurate size and weight that can be sutured. Complete with chambers for fluid flow.

Features and Benefits

  • Realistic weight and size
  • Can be sutured
  • Includes chambers for flow