Deep Vessel Venipuncture Pad (4x8x2)

The ultrasound compatible Deep Vessel Venipuncture Pad simulates veins that are deep in the body. Practice venipuncture or peripheral catheterization on varying sized veins pre-filled with red fluid.

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Skill Development

  • Obtaining intravenous access
  • Withdrawing fluids
  • Inserting a catheter into a deep vein
  • Using ultrasound guidance
  • Interacting with a patient during the procedure


  • Ultrasound compatible
  • Three different sized veins
  • Simulates veins that are deep in the body
  • Three veins in this two-sided pad are obscured by a thick tissue layer
  • Vessel depth ranges from 17.75 to 20.3 mm on the shallow side and 22.85 to 25.4 mm on the deep side
  • Very durable, self-sealing tissue that, when viewed under ultrasound, does not show needle tracks
  • Refill veins for multiple uses


  • Deep Vessel Venipuncture Pad
  • 8 oz. Arterial Fluid (red)
  • Luer Lock Syringe and tips


  • Size: 4″ w x 8″ l x 2″ d
  • Weight: 2 lbs