Femoral Block Trainer With SmarTissue

The Femoral Block Trainer with SmarTissue™ provides the most clinically relevant anatomy during ultrasound guidance and needle penetration to support needle manipulation, placement and proximity. The trainer consists of a body form and replaceable tissue, each embedded with patent-pending SmarTissue technology, allowing the system to communicate with any PC to offer needle-to-nerve visual and audio verification.

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Skill Development

  • Psychomotor skills associated with targeting femoral nerves for regional anesthesia nerve blocks
  • Ultrasound imaging skills
    • Transducer and needle manipulation and movement
    • Visualize needle tip positioning, proximity and placement verification
    • Recognition of nerves, arteries, veins and fascia layer anatomy


  • Ultrasound compatible for guidance during needle insertion.
  • Anatomically correct lower torso with landmarks for placing femoral blocks.
  • Distinct realistiv“pop” is visualized and palpated when the needle passes through the fascia layers.
  • SmarTissue software interprets unique signals, showing orange when in contact and red when penetrating the nerve.


  • Inguinal crease
  • Inguinal ligament
  • Anterior superior iliac spine
  • Pubic tubercle
  • Pulse of Femoral artery

Ultrasound Anatomy

  • Femoral nerve
  • Femoral artery and vein
  • Fascia lata and iliacaIliopsoas
  • Muscle Inguinal Ligament


  • SmarTissue Lower Body Form, Femoral Nerve Block Replaceable SmarTissue, SmarTissue Software, Universal Needle Adaptor, Hand Pump, Venous Pressure Regulator, Simulated Venous and Arterial Blood, Carrying Case, User’s Guide

Laptop not included.


  • 30″ x 20″ x 9″
  • 23 lbs.