Tissue Suture Pad Package

Looking for a more complete set of suturing tasks to practice and improve your skills? Our best-selling Tissue Suture Pad lets you work with different tissue planes and depths; and the Directional Tissue Pad allows for needle practice in all directions. Both are produced with the same blend of materials to offer the best simulated suturing experience in the industry. Package includes hemostat, scissors and two tapered sutures giving you all the tools you need to start practicing!


Skill Development

  • Basic and advanced suturing skills
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Deep wound closure


  • Can be used alone or with a training platform like BOSS (BOSS-20)
  • Affordable and versatile


Includes TSP-10, DSP-10, 5” Straight Hemostat, 5.5” Scissors and (2) 3-0 Tapered Sutures