Cholecystectomy Model For Surgical Ab

Create a flexible, realistic, and affordable solution for laparoscopic or open surgical skill development for gallbladder dissection and removal with the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Module. Integrate the Insufflation Device and the cholecystectomy model to expand your current surgical training curriculum and provide each user with the opportunity to perform the complete procedure using Simulab’s Replaceable Gallbladders.

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Skill Development

  • Visualize anatomical landmarks relevant to the cholecystectomy procedure (i.e. Calot’s Triangle).
  • Develop fine motor skills involved in the procedure to perform:
    • gallbladder removal from liver bed
    • cystic duct and artery clipping

 Features and Benefits

  • Expand your TraumaMan or Universal Surgical Abdomen Platform — Simulate a closed laparoscopic event by adding our new Insufflation Device
  • Anatomically correct, with all relevant landmarks and anatomy including: liver, kidney and soft tissue gallbladders filled with bile, cystic duct, stones, common bile duct, cystic artery and connective tissue:
  • Realistic—Tissue responds to cutting, clipping and dissection providing users with realistic tactile feedback
  • Affordable—with realistic and affordable replaceable gallbladder  each user is provided the opportunity to practice the complete cholecystectomy surgical procedure
  • Fluid filled replaceable gallbladders are easy to install into the liver model.


1-Soft tissue liver model, 1-Replaceable Gallbladder 10 pack (LC-20) and 1-Insufflation Device