TraumaMan Surgical Abdomen Team Training Package

The TraumaMan Surgical Abdomen Training Platform offers an excellent solution in the growing area of team training. It allows you to transform your existing TraumaMan System’s abdominal area into an abdominal surgical site that’s flexible enough to accommodate an wide array of surgical scenarios.

Full surgical teams can work on improving technical, task-related skills along with critical communication and teamwork abilities. Team training might include the diagnosis and treatment of a renal or aortic injury, the management of an emergency surgery, preparation for a catastrophic surgical event, and building confidence and reliability in an individual role within a team framework.

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  • Anatomically correct human abdominal cavity including vertebral column, kidneys, intestines, complete digestive tract, renal artery and omentum
  • Adjustable blood flow to the operative site
  • Large, replaceable abdominal tissue that can be reused for multiple scenarios
  • Includes multiple catastrophic event scenarios to increase team training opportunities
  • Full trauma teams can work together


  • Nicked Aorta Procedure
  • Nicked Renal Artery Procedure
  • Lacerated Kidney Procedure
  • Cholecystectomy Procedure with Insufflation Device


  • Diagnosis/treatment of an aortic or renal artery injury, or a lacerated kidney
  • Management of emergency surgery
  • Preparation for a catastrophic surgical event
  • Building confidence and reliability in an individual role within a team framework


  • Abdominal Cavity with Vertebral Column, Internal Organs including Kidneys and Intestines, Complete Digestive Tract, Aortic Birfurcation Insert, Nicked Renal Artery, Lacerated Kidney, Blood Circulation System with Bladder Cavity Insert, Red Concentrate


  • Upper Body Form Skin, Abdominal Platform Tray, Lower Body Form, Surgical Abdomen Replaceable Tissue, Simulated Umbilicus Insert, Interlocking Tray Support Bar, Screwdriver and Two Screws
  • Virtual Patient Monitor