Vascular Access Package

Save 5%! Practice central venous catheterization with both the FemoraLineMan System and CentraLineMan System, the most widely used Central Venous Catheterization training solutions in the market today.  This flexible training package offers unsurpassed value with clinically relevant anatomy, time-tested ultrasound compatible tissues that maintain visual acuity, and market leading durability from needle sticks to full catheterizations.


Skill Development

  • Practice full central venous catheterization using ultrasound guided or blind/landmark insertion approaches at the subclavian, supraclavicular, internal jugular and femoral access sites.
  • Practice use of ultrasound for:
    • Developing psychomotor skills required for obtaining visualization during cannulation
    • Distinguishing arterial pulse and venous compression
    • Identifying anatomical location of target vessel
    • Visualizing needle cannulation, guidewire threading, and catheter placement
  • Practice palpating external landmarks to identify vessel location
  • Practice identifying unsuccessful vessel access by fluid feedback representing arterial puncture


  • Provides complete procedural practice at four access sites; Internal Jugular, Subclavian, Supraclavicular and Femoral
  • Anatomically correct, ultrasound compatible, tissue with all relevant palpating landmarks and vascular anatomy.
  • Market leading durability—self-sealing tissues and veins provide the greatest value, in frequency of needle sticks and full catheterizations per access site, of any trainer on the market.
  • Exceptional ultrasound imaging through repeated use—needle sticks and full catheterizations do not degrade the image acuity.
  • Two colors of simulated blood differentiate the arterial and venous vessels—provides immediate feedback of unsuccessful cannulation
  • Arterial pulse is present and vein realistically compresses under palpation
  • Easily adjustable venous pressure regulator allows for vein compression or low pressure simulation scenarios
  • Comes pre-filled with blue venous and red arterial fluid. Tissues can remain filled when not in use, and are easy to refill with provided fluid when necessary
  • Portability—practice simulation in settings of actual patient care


  • Each System includes a Body form, Replaceable tissue, Vessel filling port, Fill line, Pulse bulb, Venous pressure regulator, Carrying case, Arterial fluid (red), Venous fluid (blue), User’s guide